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Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, four great reasons to enhance your world with the colors and textures from our Seasonal Collection.
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18” Eucalyptus Double Ring Wreath w/Twig Base 18” Eucalyptus Double Ring Wreath w/Twig Base

If one is looking for the ideal wreath to hang, this eucalyptus double ring wreath is just the piece for any room. Luxurious green leaves highlight this arrangement, while being dotted with lovely white flora throughout the wreath. Creating a peaceful yet cheerful atmosphere, this wreath will look perfect in any setting or room, no matter what time of year it is.Specifications: Diameter: 18 in

Our Price: $39.99
18 inch Wreath Floral & Fern Double Ring w/Twig Base 18” Wreath Floral & Fern Double Ring Arrangement w/Twig Base

This is a dazzling display of leafy green ferns and a radiant splash of red silk flowers that make this double ring display perfect for any occasion. The luscious foliage is a fantastic complement to this festive circlet. All of these wonderful textures and colors are in contrast to the adorned realistic twig base. Never needs watering and very little special care, this crown of beauty is a delight for all to see, and it makes a great gift too.
Specifications: 18" Diameter.

Our Price: $39.99
Orchid, Berry & Pine Holiday Candelabrum #4885 Orchid, Berry & Pine Holiday Candleabrum

When it comes to having the perfect centerpiece for any dinnertime event, this candelabrum is a go-to selection for any time of the year. Bright red orchids surround the glass candle holder, while red berries playfully accent the vibrant green pine leaves. While perfect for holidays, this exceptional piece could be used year round, and will remain a constant fixture in your decor. And it’s a great gift too.
Height: 6 in, Width: 17 in, Depth: 16 in, Vase: W: 4.5 in, H: 6 in

Our Price: $46.99
Cedar Berry Candelabrum #4892 Cedar Berry Candelabrum

Nothing announces the holiday season quite like the reds and greens of Cedar and Berries. In this case, we've taken both and surrounded a beautiful red candelabrum with them. The soft spines of the cedar point in every direction, providing a perfect green backdrop for the red berries. Best of all, this piece of décor will never dry out. Makes a great gift, and is also ideal for both home and office decorating.
Height: 6.5 in, Width: 16 in, Depth: 15 in, Vase: N/A

Our Price: $49.99
Autumn Hydrangea Berry Candelabrum #4896 Autumn Hydrangea Berry Candelabrum

Nothing says "autumn" quite like this beautiful candelabrum. Bursting with stunning fall hues, the hydrangea blooms surrounding the glass candelabrum will forever stay at "peak" color! Mixed in are some green leaves, and tiny berries, giving this a true "home and hearth" look. The best part? It'll stay looking fresh for years and years, meaning you'll enjoy it autumn after autumn.
Height: 6 in, Width: 14 in, Depth: 13 in, Vase: N/A

Our Price: $49.99
24” Sunflower & Berry Teardrop 24” Sunflower & Berry Teardrop

A perfect, if not eclectic, look for late summer and fall decorating, this sunflower and berry teardrop is one of the more unique pieces you can display. With pretty sunflowers forever captured in late bloom, festively-colored leaves, and luscious faux berries, it's a combination that is sure to delight. Perfect for home or office décor, it's also a thoughtful, unique gift.Specifications:Diameter: H: 24 In. W: 14 In. D: 5 In.

Our Price: $49.99
28” Iced Pine Cone Swag #4886 28” Iced Pine Cone Swag

Nothing says the holidays quite like a bit of swag, right? Well, iced pine cone swag, that is. A perfect addition to any home’s holiday decor, this accent is perfect for hanging in any room, or displaying on any table. A selection of pine cones looks as if they have been kissed by newly fallen snow, as they nestle themselves within their beautiful green foliage. A perfect selection for your family get-togethers.
Diameter: H: 28 In. W: 11 In. D: 4.75 In.

Our Price: $49.99
Poinsettia w/Fluted Vase Silk Flower Arrangement #1263 Poinsettia w/Fluted Vase Silk Flower Arrangement

Some looks are just timeless - like the poinsettia. Although it’s widely considered a holiday plant, people love the poinsettia, regardless of the time of year. And with this poinsettia offering, we’ve taken our classic reproduction of a lush poinsettia and present it in a beautiful fluted vase that perfectly positions it for maximum beauty. We’ve done plenty of poinsettias, but none quite like this. Makes a great gift. Specifications:Height: 20 in, Width: 12 in, Depth: 12 in, Vase: W: 5 in, H: 5.25 in

Our Price: $49.99
Merry Christmas Rose Hydrangea Arrangement Merry Christmas Rose Hydrangea Arrangement

Holiday elegance in a glass vase – that’s exactly what this beautiful Hydrangea, Rose and Berries arrangement offers your home or office. Beautiful Hydrangea blooms, full roses, lush berries, and a few sprigs combine to create a warm, distinct holiday feel. Nestled comfortably in a glass vase (complete with Liquid Illusion faux water), this crisp arrangement will bring cheer to your holiday table for years to come.
Specifications: Height: 19.5 In, Width: 11 In. Depth: 5 In, Vase: H: 7.5 In. W: 1.75 In. D: 1.75

Our Price: $49.99
20" Hydrangea Wreath #4642 20" Hydrangea Wreath

Hydrangeas not only make great centerpieces and show plants but they also make some of the finest wreaths around, as evidenced by this 20" beauty.

Our Price: $51.99
Red Magnolia & Pine Candelabrum #4894 Red Magnolia & Pine Candelabrum

Light up your holiday table or mantle with this festive Red Magnolia & Pine Candelabrum. The lush red magnolia leaves are big and bold, surrounded by the delicate pine needles. Rounding out this selection are faux pinecones, and the glass candleholder in the middle. It will never dry out, ensuring it will adorn your holiday table for years. Makes a great gift too.
Specifications: Height: 7 in, Width: 17.5 in, Depth: 15 in, Vase: N/A

Our Price: $54.99
26” Red Magnolia & Pine Tear Drop 4870 26” Red Magnolia & Pine Tear Drop

A perfect holiday decoration, that's the ideal mix of classic and contemporary. This Red Magnolia and Pine Teardrop will delight anyone who views it, and will bring visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads! Best of all, it'll never dry out, making it a go-to piece of décor for years to come. Get one for your home, another for the office, and one more for a gift! Specifications: Diameter: H: 26 In. W: 14 In. D: 8 In.

Our Price: $59.99
22” Orchid, Berry & Pine Holiday Wreath #4884 22” Orchid, Berry & Pine Holiday Wreath

Prepare for the holiday season in style with this beautiful (and festive) wreath. Adorned with rich red phalaenopsis orchid flowers, and accented with cheerful berries nestled within the pine leaves, this selection brings a smile to the face every time. It’s so lifelike, you’ll worry about it drying out, but it’ll look great year after year, and will remain a mainstay of your holiday décor. Makes a great gift, too. Specifications: Diameter: 22 In.

Our Price: $59.99
Poinsettia Pine and Pine Cone Candelabrum #4875 Poinsettia Pine & Pine Cone Candelabrum

A virtual cornucopia of holiday fun, this Poinsettia, Pine, & Pinecone Candelabrum will be the hit of your holiday table. With bold, beautiful poinsettia blooms, soft greens, wispy pine needles, and authentic looking pinecones, it’s a mix of texture and color that can’t be beat. Rounding it out is the included glass candleholder, complete with metal handle. Makes a wonderful gift.Specifications:Height: 8.75 in, Width: 18 in, Depth: 18 in.

Our Price: $62.99
30” Pine Wreath w/Colored Lights #4862 30” Pine Wreath w/Colored Lights

Guaranteed to make you think of cool, crisp winter evenings, this wonderful wreath is perfect for holiday decorating. With fluffy pine tips (170 of them) frosted just so, it'll look like a delightful little snowfall happened in your living room or office. The cherry on top is the 50 colored lights, which make it look nothing less than magical. Makes a fine gift as well. Specifications: 30 in.Diameter

Our Price: $64.99
Spring Floral Arrangement Spring Floral Arrangement

Spring has truly sprung! A bold floral arrangement is certain to draw any flower lover’s attention, this striking piece is the perfect “pick me up” gift for any friend, family member or other loved one. This beautiful 16” display showcases the rainbow of colors found in this selection, making any room in your house come alive with natural beauty.
Specifications: Height: 16 in, Width: 12 in, Depth: 12 in, Vase: W: 5 in, H: 7 in, D: 5

Our Price: $67.99
Sunflower Candelabrum #4933 Sunflower Candelabrum

Warm your holiday heart with this stunning Sunflower Candelabrum. Stranding proudly at 16” tall, this candelabrum will dance with delight, whether there’s a flickering flame present or not.

Our Price: $69.99
24” Sunflower & Berry Wreath 4867 24” Sunflower & Berry Wreath

Celebrate fall with this wonderful wreath that combines several "autumn" favorites into one. You've got some bold sunflowers perfectly captured at the end of their bloom, faux berries that look good enough to eat, and crisp leaves that look like they were just gathered after the first cool evening. It's an autumn delight that will last for years. Makes a great gift too. Specifications: 24 in.Diameter

Our Price: $69.99
28” Plum Blossom Teardrop 4883 28” Plum Blossom Teardrop

Perfect for any room, or any time of year, this bright 28 in. Plum Teardrop will certainly add a splash of color to your decor. It has everything you want - bold color, an interesting not too big - not too small shape, delicate blooms everywhere, and an attractive hanging loop. Ideal for anywhere you want some color, it also makes an interesting gift for that hard to buy for person.Specifications: Diameter: H: 28 In. W: 15 In. D: 8 In.

Our Price: $69.99
24” Assorted Berry Wreath 4838 24” Assorted Berry Wreath

You’ll have the birds chirping at your door this holiday season with this vibrantly colored masterpiece. A rich mix of luminous berries creates a warm glow that’s guaranteed to capture your eye. Lush foliage surrounds the base of this brilliantly styled wreath adorned with a festive topping of pinecones and sprigs. A full two feet in diameter, this lovely wreath makes a wonderfully thoughtful gift for family or friends.
Specifications:Diameter: 24 in

Our Price: $69.99
20" Peony Hydrangea Wreath  4690 20" Peony Hydrangea Wreath

This is a beautiful array of colors and textures that will instantly brighten any wall (or, use it as a centerpiece on a springtime table!)

Our Price: $71.99
Autumn Hydrangea Berry w/Vase #4897 Autumn Hydrangea Berry w/Vase

Here's a wonderful piece of décor that you'll be turning to year after year. The full hydrangea blooms are forever captured in full "fall glory", sitting proudly on a bed of green leaves. The included vase is stunning in its own right, making this not only a wonderful piece to bring out every autumn, but also makes it the perfect gift as well. Specifications: Height: 10 in, Width: 15 in, Depth: 14 in, Vase: W: 7.75 In, H: 4 In

Our Price: $74.99
20" Dogwood Wreath 4688 20" Dogwood Wreath

Few flowers can provide the soft beauty like the dogwood. There’s just something “warm and sunny” about these magnificent flowers. And this dogwood wreath perfectly captures that feeling.

Our Price: $78.99
20" Artichoke Floral Wreath 4684 20" Artichoke Floral Wreath

Bring a touch of nature’s beauty into your home or office space with this enchanting artichoke floral wreath. Brightly hued florets and shapely hearts create a uniquely natural looking flair that cannot be duplicated.

Our Price: $79.99
Holiday Magnolia Arrangement #1417 Holiday Magnolia Arrangement

Here's something that's both different and classic looking at the same time. This wonderful magnolia arrangement is all about the holidays, with lots of reds and greens and golds mixed together, with a hint of pine needles as well. Standing 34" high, it's not shy about saying "the holidays are here". Best of all, it needs no water or care, making it ideal for both home and office. Makes a fun gift too.
Height: 34 in, Width: 16 in, Depth: 8 in, Vase: W: 3.25 In, H: 15.75 In

Our Price: $79.99
30” Lighted Pine Wreath w/Berries & Pine Cones 4860 30” Lighted Pine Wreath w/Berries & Pine Cones

Here's an awesome Christmas wreath that has everything. Featuring green, fluffy pine (210 tips worth), faux pinecones and red berries, and 100 clear lights, this wreath will adorn your holiday décor for years to come. It's a full 30", so it won't be missed by anyone. Plus, it'll never dry out, and will look great for holiday after holiday. Makes a fine gift too. Specifications: 30 in.Diameter

Our Price: $79.99
24” Red Magnolia & Pine Wreath #4869 24” Red Magnolia & Pine Wreath

Just in time for the holidays, this wonderful Red Magnolia and Pine wreath makes for an ideal decoration. At a full two feet in diameter, it's large enough to make a real statement, and the red and green colors simply "pop". Adorned with realistic-looking pine cones, this wreath will become your favorite home or office decoration for years to come.Specifications: Diameter: 24 in

Our Price: $79.99
Holiday Cheers Arrangement w/Vase Holiday Cheers Arrangement w/Vase

Show your holiday spirit with this festive holiday cheer arrangement. Featuring beautiful Hydrangea blooms, full roses, and lush berries backed by twisting twigs and green leaves, this arrangement is a virtual cornucopia of color and texture. The lush colors and petals burst forth from a stately white planter that completes the picture. Perfect for home or office, it makes a great gift as well. Specifications: Height: 23.5 In, Width: 11.5 In, Depth: 11.5 In, Vase: H: 5 In. W: 5 In. D: 5 In.

Our Price: $79.99
Orchid, Artichoke & Succulent Wreath #4989 Orchid, Artichoke & Succulent Wreath

Setting that perfect atmosphere for those bright and sunny Spring days, this unique Orchid, Artichoke & Succulent Wreath is the best way to welcome in a new season of perfect weather and fun times with friends and family. The rich purple colors and extraordinary orchid and artichoke accents are a great way to make this piece the center of attention for anyone who stops and takes a look at this exceptional piece. Specifications: Diameter: 20 in

Our Price: $79.99
3’ Christmas Tree w/Burlap Bag & Clear Lights 3’ Christmas Tree w/Burlap Bag & Clear Lights

The ideal holiday decoration is "in the bag". Literally, too - this pretty 3 foot tall Christmas tree's base comes lovingly wrapped in an attractive burlap bag, giving it a classic look that can't be beat. With 71 tips and 50 clear lights (which stay on even if one burns out), this is an ideal home or office decoration that you'll turn to year after year. Makes a fine gift as well.
Specifications: Height: 3 ft, Width: 20 in, Depth: 20 in, Pot size: W: 6 in, H: 4 in, Trunk type: Artificial-Non-Bendable, Number of leaves: 71 Tips

Our Price: $79.99
The seasons are always changing and the holidays are times that we all look forward to year round. Our seasonal collections offer a broad selection of items that are sure to please the eye and grab the attention of all of your friends and family.The vast assortment of items include flowers and plants of all kinds that are sure to satisfy your desire to decorate. These seasonal items make great gifts and can often be a needed "pick me up" to your friends and family. Happy Seasonal Greetings!  Speaking of seasonal items, check out our Christmas Trees!